Fishing gear

Float fishing rods

Effective for any type of fishing. They are distinguished by the lightness and simplicity of the design. The modern fishing tackle market offers a large number of different designs of such fishing rods.

But they can all be combined into three main groups:
Match tackle is heavy, it is used for long-range throwing. The rod is disassembled into three parts, its total length reaches 5.5 m. The assembly is carried out immediately before fishing. A match rod requires a “Match” reel and a special sinking fishing line.

A fly rod is a telescopic tackle without a coil and rings. Its maximum length is 8 meters, and its weight is less than 100 g. The equipment of the fishing rod implies a load, a leash with a hook and a blind float.

The length of the rod “lapdog” is from 4 to 7 meters. Inertia-free coils are provided for it. “Lapdog” is good when fishing in stagnant reservoirs or with a small current. Rigidity is determined by the objectives of fishing: hard fishing rods are necessary for long—distance casting, and soft – for fishing out small fish. Equip the fishing rod with a hook on a leash, a sinker, a deaf or sliding float.

Spinning rods

Such fishing gear is indispensable when hunting predatory fish (pike, perch, walleye, asp). The spinning rod is a composite whip with pass rings. They are made of carbon fiber, graphite or fiberglass. The handle is plastic or cork. It is equipped with a spinning inertia-free coil. Its weight and size must match the rod. The length of the rod varies from 1.3 to 4 meters.

According to the weight of the bait, which they withstand, they are divided into:
Ultralight — 7 g.
Lungs — 7-5 g .
Average — 15-40 g;
Heavy — over 40 g .
Another important property of the rod is its elasticity. The rigid tackle bends by only one third and allows you to throw the bait far away. Soft is necessary in cases where high sensitivity to biting is required.

For the best result, various baits are used: spinners, wobblers, jig nozzles. It should not be forgotten that river fish are easy to scare away, so the more natural the bait, the better.

The most popular among anglers in the warm period. It does not need to be thrown often, but it is necessary to coolly and patiently wait for the bite. For bottom fishing, a spinning rod of small length is used — up to 3.3 m.

It is equipped as follows:
Fishing line with a diameter of 0.3-0.35 mm.
Sinker, feeder, hook.
Stand for installation on the shore.
The bite alarm is a bell.
The donka can be made with your own hands. Such a device is called a bucket. It is a reel (steel rod or stick) with a fishing line. The length of the fishing line is 100 m, the diameter is 0.3—0.9 mm. A sinker with several hooks is attached to the free end of the fishing line. The reel is installed directly into the soil. The bell gives the signals.

Bottom tackle